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But you and I are never going to earn anything off of the 9.4% of readers who only download free books (and those are only the 9.4% who admit it.) Ebook Royalties One of the first things to take into consideration when pricing your book is: What percentage are you as an author going to earn of the cover price?In other genres, readers are willing to pay very different prices. In erotica, a common practice is to charge .99 for short stories, and rely on borrows through Kindle Unlimited to actually make money.Readers put up with this because it’s smut, and they don’t care what the price is because they’re getting their reads for “free.” In most other genres, if you charge more than 99c for a short story, you will either get 0 sales or be vilified in reviews — unless, of course, you already have a fan base that will snap up everything you write.Once you’ve written your book, had it beta-read, edited, proof-read, what have you; once you’ve got a great, eye-catching cover and gripping book description; once you’ve formatted the interior (or had someone do it for you) so that your book looks professional on an e Reader; after all that, then you are ready to publish.Only: what price are you going to charge for your book?

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