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Algerian authorities announced the arrest of a Salafist who vandalized one of the country's most important monuments, the historic statue of Ain El Fouara, Al Wafd reported.

In a statement he made to Egyptian TV program "DMC evening", Algeria's Minister of Culture Ez Al Din Al Maheoubi He explained that the reasons behind the attack were religious but are completely inexcusable.

Mossad has been given free reign to roam all over the globe kidnapping and killing at will. After all that's the typical jewish/mossad modus operandi.Cérémonie de départ à la retraite des employés La cérémonie annuelle de départ en retraite de 94 employés a été célébrée dimanche 30 avril 2017 à l’hôtel Liberté, en présence des responsables de la SEOR lire la suite...Algerian authorities have arrested an Israeli Mossad agent carrying a fake Spanish passport in the city of Hassi Messaoud near an Egyptian office providing service for oil companies, Algerian Ennahar El Djadid newspaper reported on Tuesday. I wonder whom this jewish Mossad agent was planning on murdering? Hagel “repeatedly opposed sanctions against China as senator.”“If Hagel serves as secretary of defense, it will to some extent boost the strength of rational pragmatists in the Obama administration,” Yuan Zheng, a researcher at the state-run Institute of American Studies, was quoted in the newspaper as saying. The state-run IRNA news agency called the secretary-designate someone “known for pro-Iran and anti-Zionist views.”In Beijing, the state-controlled press also welcomed the nomination of Mr. He had the honesty to oppose the Iraq War — a moderate and respectful Republican.”The People’s Daily, the official Communist Party newspaper, said Mr.

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