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' "Leaving his office, Apatow leads this reporter downstairs to a small conference room where he does much of his writing and where he embellished that initial idea."I have this electronic dry-erase board, called a Smart Board," he explains, pointing to a whiteboard that dominates one wall.

"I can write on it and then hit a button and it becomes a file on the computer." He laughs: "I've taken a item and found a way to make it cost thousands."" data-reactid="58" (1996)."It's written in very intense collaboration with Leslie," he says, citing a scene she suggested, when her character goes to a singles bar."We'll have a conversation about the script every day for a year or two," Mann confirms.

Freaks star Katherine Heigl accused their 2007 film of being "a little sexist" and said it "paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight."Apatow admits her comment surprised him.

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Iris, 10 -- revolves around Debbie (Mann) and Pete (Paul Rudd), the husband and wife who help Heigl, an upwardly mobile young woman impregnated by an immature slob (Rogen).PHOTOS:  This Is Judd Apatow: The King of Comedy Gets Serious" data-reactid="27".He may have been less so a few years ago, he acknowledges, especially in the case of TV executives with whom "I would get so out of control.-- is in the final throes of putting the magazine together before it hits newsstands in early December.The work is consuming -- 80 e-mails alone pile up as we speak -- and it has left even this ultra-organized workaholic visibly drained.

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