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Gally has no memory of her past, but soon displays remarkable fighting skills.She starts working as a bounty hunter and meets a young boy Yugo, who has the impossible dream of going to Zalem. Not realising that Yugo's dream can only end in misery Gally sets out to help him.Grewcica, enraged at Rasha's death, manages to deflect one of Ido's attacks.He then fights Gally, who slices off his right arm with a kick before knocking him into the sewers.

Ido takes Rasha's head to The Factory to collect the bounty, explaining the nature of his work as a hunter-warrior.He warns her not to get involved with The Factory, and says he has no regrets about what happened in Zalem. Before they can do anything to her, Ido appears and attacks Rasha with his rocket hammer, slicing off his left arm, but getting stabbed in the shoulder.Gally then arrives, killing Rasha by punching his head off.After Ido returns home late that night, the following day Gally notices his injured arm, which he explains away as the result of a fall.After introducing herself to Yugo, he convinces her to go with him and the two leave just as Chiren arrives.

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