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But did you know you can create alternate-universe versions of your favorite playlists?Go to any playlist, tap on the ellipses at the top of the screen, and select “Go To Radio.” That’ll create a playlist that shares some of the DNA of your own favorite set, and just might reintroduce you to deep cuts you forgot about.Today Spotify is introducing a new feature, Daily Mix, that offers up a platter of playlists tailored for each individual user, and which updates every 24 hours.

This is how you can share playlists with friends using Apple Music.

There are thematic playlists that are updated every day, and you can create your own radio stations based on your favorite artists, songs, and albums.

There’s also the one-of-a-kind Discover Weekly playlist, an excellent source for new music you might like, generated dynamically based on your listening habits.

Subscription streaming services like Spotify let you choose from an almost unlimited library of a few dozen million songs for a mere 10 bones a month. You can use the desktop version as a karaoke machine, keep tabs on what your friends are listening to, get a deal on pricing if you're a student or part of a family plan, and keep your listening sessions private. But there are other, lesser-known features you might fall in love with. First thing’s first: Nothing’s more annoying than reaching the best part of your favorite song and having the drop interrupted by an incoming notification.

If you want to get more granular than that, you can configure and enable the Do Not Disturb settings in i OS.

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