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With so much choice, however, it can be tough to find that next great show. We've binge-watched hundreds of hours of TV so you don't have to.(I know, I know, some heroes don't wear capes.) But more than great shows, Netflix is inventive.

While splitting the family up for most of the season meant some of the spark had disappeared - this was done to fit in with the actors' busy schedules - the fourth season proved that there was still a lot to like about the dysfunctional Bluth family.

Although some characters have started to appear from Breaking Bad, the show doesn’t beg for the appearance of Walter White or Jesse - it’s now it’s own thing and we can’t wait for Season 4.

Seasons on Netflix: 2 There's no better person to portray not-so-distant future dystopias than Charlie Brooker.

If you're looking to take a vicarious vacation, check out this show.

Seasons on Netflix: 6 Given that Archer is set at the International Secret Intelligence Service (unfortunately abbreviated as ISIS), recent terror atrocities have meant the animation has been getting headlines for the wrong reasons.

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