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Upon discovering that Luciana is pregnant, Ana Joaquina demands to know the identity of the child's father; when Luciana admits that it is Juan de la Cruz, Ana Joaquina fires Luciana, leaving her destitute.After giving birth to a daughter, Luciana leaves her baby on the doorstep of a wealthy house with the hope that the little girl will be raised there, but she is instead taken to an orphanage.

Her galore and valor plundered the hearts of her admirers.At an early age of 15, she gave her first performance in the Telenovela "Juana Iris" as a villain, then she starred in a film with Pedro Fernandez called "Un Sábado Más" (1985).After then she had given some anchoring guest roles (Cachun Cachun Ra Ra), commercials and also associated with stage shows often.(also starring the hilarious Dave Franco), we guarantee you'll leave the theater wanting to know more about Ferrell's hot co-star Genesis Rodriguez.When presented with the challenge of speaking entirely in Spanish in her breakout comedy, it turned Rodriguez was no stranger to Spanish-speaking roles, nor was she to the telenovelas (Spanish soap operas) the film parodies.

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